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What Oyster & Moon Education & Community Offers You

Our mission is for Oyster & Moon to be a collective home for you, our community.  A place where learning and collaboration can occur. This space offers you a place to learn and grow at your own pace with a community of like-minded people. Here you can access resources including expert insights to help build your business knowledge, start conversations with people just like you and share your own insights and wisdom to add to the commercial knowledge of the whole community. This space is designed to help you further develop your business and access new markets or give you a starting point to explore how to go about getting your business off the ground.

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A small selection of the type of resources that you can access as a Community member.


Social Media for Ecommerce Business

Business GeneralSocial Media
Looking to boost your ecommerce business through social media? In this video, we dive into expert marketing strategies and insights.

Intellectual Property with Lynell Tuffery Huria

Business GeneralIntellectual Property
Watch a video featuring a leading expert on indigenous intellectual property rights, Māori intellectual property and trade mark protection.

Growing an Abundant Mindset

Business GeneralMindset
Sorry, the video is not accessible right now. Please try again later.

Māori & Indigenous Values-led businesses

Business GeneralCultural Knowledge
In this video, Professor Jason Mika explores Indigenous business philosophy's impact on various sectors, drawing from his expertise.

Tongan entrepreneur Emma Ogilvie is Carving a Niche on K Road

Business GeneralMindset
The inspiring journey of a Pasifika entrepreneur as she shares her passion for business growth and development within the local community.

Mana: The Power in Knowing Who You Are

Business GeneralMindset
This video features Tame Iti, offering his unique perspective and insights on the art of questioning authority.