"He Toka Tū Moana"

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Our Kaupapa (Ethos)

Oyster & Moon is a collaborative realm where creatives of Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa (Pacific Ocean) share their cultures, stories, works and wares with the world.

Born out of collective action, Oyster and Moon is the realisation of our need to re-imagine and remake a world that supports an essential connection to the planet and each other. We are part of a movement to reframe the story of Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa (Pacific) based on the enduring nature of our diverse cultures. By really knowing each other and our truths we highlight and elevate our unique cultural and creative offerings locally and globally.

From our management structure through to our creators we are a culturally diverse collaborative community who all whakapapa to indigenous cultures of Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa (Pacific Ocean). We live this connection throughout every aspect of Oyster and Moon. We build the commercial capability and opportunity of our creators. We invest in our communities. We prioritise procurement from and share opportunities with our communities across everything that we do.

The seed from which Oyster & Moon has grown was initially planted through the work of it's parent, Oyster Workshop.

Oyster Workshop

oyster workshop
We are passionate about the development of systems that build relationships, ignites connections between people, beliefs, modes of expression and production, and the planet.

Through our work, Oyster Workshop aims to help our people realise a future that has previously been aspirational. We do this by working towards the development of systems that support our communities. This is achieved through designing and delivering holistic business programming for creative entrepreneurs, many of whom have chosen to share their cultures and creativity through the beautiful, carefully considered, fine artisan products that are the hallmark of Oyster & Moon as a cultural retail experience. Alumni of Oyster Workshop' business programs are all part of a collective that continues to learn and grow together. Further information about our business programs can be found at oysterworkshop.co.nz.

oyster foundation

Oyster Foundation

Our Charitable Arm
The purpose of the Oyster Foundation is to undertake activities which support the attainment of equity and economic empowerment for Pacific Island, Aotearoa Māori women, youth and families in a manner that recognizes and values the interconnectivity between all living things including the natural environment.


Interested in importing creative works?

We support Oyster and Moon creators to find new opportunities to share their product globally. If you are interested in a creator or a collective of creators please get in touch and we can discuss wholesale, exhibition, education and licencing opportunities.