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Affirmations for Bad B!tches – The O.G Deck HARLEQUIN


The O.G Deck in Harlequin is a 52-deck of affirmation cards and an ode to the most vibrant, vivacious gal. 

Harlequin is all about remaining dedicated to and embracing your most unapologetic self – whether that is leaning into your softness, channeling your power, releasing your burdens, or simple letting your chaotic, wild side loose. True Bad B!tches are unapologetic and absolutely anything and everything they want to be. So put these on your mirror, carry them in your bag or keep them on your desk and never ever forget the unapologetically Bad B!tch that you are.

Please note that Betty, Xena and Harlequin have the same affirmations in each deck

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